A letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

Welcome to The Singapore Review of Books.

The Review has a simple aim: to promote the spirit of thinking – and writing – about books.

As with the standard bearers in this field, such as the New York, Paris and Berlin reviews – whose achievements we can only aspire towards – The Singapore Review of Books hopes to open the window to a world of books, especially in these pressing times when the act of reading is often taken as an indulgence rather than intellectual necessity.

And while this Review’s aim is humble, our commitment goes deep into the heart of the cause: to serve as a repository for ideas, and the cumulative knowledge experience of those of us who rejoice in the art of the written word, and who share a passion for book craft.

The name Singapore Review of Books may imply a geographic specificity, but we really are not obliged to books only from or about Singapore.

The focus is on English-language books of all subjects and categories, in all shapes and forms. What counts is the encounter and delight at being able to share the deep connection we all have with the reading experience.

I am much indebted to the path-making spirit of Jeremy Fernando and Chen Yanyun, who have so courageously embarked on this journey with me. And especially for helping to set the tone of The Singapore Review of Books.

I am also grateful to our panel of International Editorial Advisors, for their generous comments and advice, and for always pointing us in the correct direction.

Most importantly, I look forward to having you, our readers, join us and help us make this little adventure a little more adventurous.

Read on.

Best Wishes,
Lim Lee Ching, Editor
The Singapore Review of Books

One comment

  1. Dear Lim,

    Congratulations and best of luck!


    Peter J. Dougherty
    Princeton University Press

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