The Singapore Review of Books hopes to be your source of excellent reviews and essays about recently-published books.

Perhaps the name, Singapore Review of Books, is a kind of misnomer, since we are not obliged only to books from or about Singapore (although these are also very welcome); we only happen to be based in Singapore. While our general focus is on English-language books, we are open to English reviews on books published in other languages.

We are similarly disposed to all genres and categories, and so welcome comments on books of all kinds, from fiction to scientific treatises to self-help manuals – and everything in between. After all, to misquote Gertrude Stein, a book is a book is a book. It is the spirit of reading and thought that counts.

To this end, we look forward to promoting high quality engagement with some of the pressing intellectual issues of the day.

The Singapore Review of Books operates on full editorial and financial independence. In instances where our work may have commercial implications, we will endeavour to fully disclose the details.



Lim Lee Ching

Jeremy Fernando
Features Editor

Chen Yanyun
Creative Director


Review copies

Publishers are invited to contact The Singapore Review of Books about providing review copies. Books published exclusively in electronic formats may be considered for review. We do not publish creative works, and only in very rare instances will we consider reviewing self-published books.

Please feel free to contact us at:

One comment

  1. Nellie

    hey Ching,
    Have you anyone reviewing the lousy re-issue of spider boys? Jen tells me they changed the language!!!! This could be a good announcement of yer arrival!

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